hat is Say Delicious? - A unique one of a kind steam punk confections bakery that came from the Depths of the Black Sea. Say Delicious was created by a Navy Veteran who turned to Art as a form of recovery. Then the question was asked, What’s better than art? Edible art. We now create elaborate edible art on cookies for all events or just because. Not only do they look amazing, they taste DELICIOUS. We have also handcrafted our staple signature cookies that are craved around the globe, but only available on board.

In addition we've created an elegant and private gathering area for events and classes inside our emporium. It’s also available to rent for Showers or Business meetings.

Birthday parties can chose their theme and we create a fully custom cookie set based on your ideas for you and your friends to create and enjoy.

Here at Say Delicious we believe using and learning new creative outlets is important for mental health and overall wellbeing. Say Delicious was created to be a safe space to try new things and have fun doing it. Come taste the Adventure.