Thanksgiving Cookie Take Home Kit




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Pre sale for our thanksgiving take home kit are open! These are PERFECT for kids and adults of all ages. You can have the kids decorate them while dinner is getting ready and then once they are done have them put the turkey together and display it on the table for after dinner.
Or after dinner decorate it as a family as a super fun and easy bonding event. This is a tradition in my family and I was so happy to share it last year with all of you. It was so popular that we won’t let the tradition die!  These are only $40 and come with 20 pre made pre stamped cookies, 8 frostings, and sprinkles. All orders must be in by November 18th. 
Pick up will be November 22nd in our bakery at normal hours.
These will not be sold in shop , so a pre order is the only way to snag one.

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