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Sadie Strong

Sadie Strong has been ambitious her entire life. After graduating high school, she joined the Navy, working on Lockheed P-3 Orions on Whidbey Island. Deployed to the Middle East, she came home injured and suffered with PTSD from MST, depression and anxiety.

Determined to keep moving forward, Sadie became involved with adaptive sports, finding a hidden talent for sharpshooting and archery. She was invited to be a part of Team USA in Prince Harry’s Invictus Games. She traveled to Walt Disney World to compete and unexpectedly met another injured service member, who would become her husband. They had a child shortly after.

Still looking for a therapy outlet, Sadie turned to art, exploring painting, pottery and baking. She made it per mission to create beautiful confections that also tasted as good as they look. That passion became a business, and Say Delicious was born—a place for art, creativity, helping others and the quest for the perfect cookie.


Michelle Walcott

Michelle Walcott is Sadie’s mother, the backbone and biggest support of Say Delicious. Cookie artisan, donut master and taste tester, she is Say Delicious’ jill-of-all-trades.



Iggy the octopus is the official mascot and spirit animal of Say Delicious. Growing up, Sadie was compared to an octopus, because she was constantly up to eight things at once. Plus, thanks to the Navy, the sea is in her blood, too.

Iggy is named after Sadie’s grandmother (whose real name, appropriately enough was Cookie, which a young Sadie pronounced “Iggy”). Cookie was feisty, strong, funny and taught Sadie her love for baking. Her inspiration lives on in Iggy and the whole Say Delicious crew.